Body Technology

Control the reactivity of your heart rate, breath rhythm, muscle tension, blood flow, and digestion using scientifically validated methods. more…

Mind Technology

Learn the power of directed, sustained, voluntary attention, your greatest resource for self-control. more…

Objective Results

Witness the ripple-effect of your thoughts, attitudes, and breath patterns on your core body systems. more…

Why Integrative Biofeedback, Meditation, and Contemplative Science™?


All biofeedback and mindfulness trainings are based on the best-researched methods. This is cutting-edge medicine, with an old-fashioned no-hurry approach.

Authentic Mindfulness

Classical methods seamlessly integrated with Western biofeedback to help those coping with stress, pain, mood issues, and the many challenges of modern life. more…

Compassion and Patience

True understanding, rapport, and skill are best cultivated over time, between teacher and student. more…

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Biofeedback San Diego:  The View from the Clinic

by James M. Cahill, BCB

Biofeedback San Diego

Why Haven’t I Heard of this Before?

This is one of the most common questions I get. Soon after the first session with a client, we begin to make new connections between symptoms, basic human needs, habitual patterns of behavior, and practical strategies for change.

This question is not an expression of doubt, but rather a clear-eyed recognition of a missing piece in healthcare—an Aha Moment! It comes from making connections between how we are made, what we require, and how we have been living. Suddenly, previous encounters with healthcare appear woefully incomplete and unsatisfactory, simply because the evidence, when clearly presented, makes this quite clear. Obvious in hindsight.




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