Integrative Biofeedback, Meditation, and Contemplative Science™ Videos

View Jim Cahill, Board Certified Biofeedback Therapist speak about mindfulness in our Integrative Biofeedback, Meditation, and Contemplative Science™ Videos


Integrative Biofeedback, Meditation, and Contemplative Science™ Videos: discover the antidote to the stress epidemic

  • World Health Organization: ‘stress is at epidemic levels, and worldwide distribution’
  • Lack of downtime is a major source of our stress
  • Many of us live in a state of constant partial attention
  • All major systems of the body and mind are affected, and most, negatively so
  • IBMCS directly targets these imbalances
  • Biofeedback shows the shifts, mindfulness provides the guidance


Biofeedback: sense-and-display system instantly detects mind-body shifts

  • Evidence-based medical technology refined over half a century
  • Real-time display of heart, breath, muscles, perspiration, temperature, other basic bodily systems
  • Practical sequence: 1. display, 2. sense internal triggers, 3. discover control, 4. sustain benefits with enjoyable practices
  • Witness exactly how YOU truly are the first-responder to any health issue
  • Take control using practical knowledge, focused trainings, and expert guidance


Mindfulness: the missing piece in education, medicine, and self-care

  • Mindfulness is attention training
  • Ancient Eastern methods are truly unequaled in the West
  • Nalanda University: the seat of ancient learning, virtually unknown today
  • Massive blind spots in our Western-centric training
  • IBMCS recovers and combines the best-of practice from both East and West


IBMCS distills and sequences the essence of self-regulation for sustained well-being

  • Attention is limited, consequential, and therefore precious
  • Training must be practical, focused, and relevant
  • Shamatha: rarely taught, highly effective style of attentional training
  • Perfect fit for guiding real-time shifts seen during biofeedback sessions
  • Comprehensive approach requires a hybrid training